Always learning. Always positive. Always heading forward.

    I wish to enable people using the gifts of creative confidence and positive communication for the purpose of their passion and creation.


    I work with individuals and organisations on adapting to change and telling their story in authentic ways using innovative tools.
    I am an ammbasador and educator or simply a man on a mission of helping the shift we live today be the smoothest possible transition and reduce conflict by making it accessible for anyone who wishes to participate and can bring value to his or her’s community. I wish to believe by that I am contributing to help human society as a whole.

    I am an avid collaborator and a super connector with a strong make it happen approach looking to work with doers, shapers and leaders.



    I've worked on many projects and collaborated with many people, here is what some of them have to say about the experience.

    TD:LR: Creative | Positive | Professional | Connector | High Morals and Values | Passionate

    Sarah Schrire

    ELT Pedagogical Editor at Eric Cohen Books

    Lionel brings a unique perspective to projects involving new media. With his energy and enthusiasm, he influences people working together with him.

    Gidi Grinstein

    Founder and President at The Re'ut Institute, a leading nonprofit strategy and impact group

    Lionel is a very nice, smart and creative person. a professional of high ethics and social values. A great person to work with.

    Amir Notea

    Founder at 21st Century Education

    Lionel is an explosion of creativity, coupled with can-do attitude and controlled by a moral center of gravity. He is a great guy to cooperate with.

    Roberto Mitelpunkt

    Psychiatrist at Shmurat Nefesh

    Lionel is an extremely creative mind, capable of combine and arrange together different ideas into a practical plan or program.
    His best performance is coordinating events like hackathons or open minded brainstorming.
    He also has a very good background, he is my son!

    Aya Tager

    Sustainable designer & educator

    I had the pleasure of cooperating with Lionel during the TOM make-a-thon, where he was in charge of the media related aspects. In addition to being a professional, Lionel is bringing his positive and friendly attitude,
    I hope we'll cooperate again in the future.

    יוסף שוורץ

    מורה למדעים, תקשוב ומדיה חדשה

    Lionel Mitelpunkt is a nice, friendly person with a lot of connections, positive yes i can Humen & Leader. בעברית : אחלה בן אדם

    Josep-Miquel Alegret

    Coordinator at Irenia Peace Games

    Although we are a generation apart and our fields of work have little points of contact, I have had the chance to meet Lionel and I felt inspired by his enthousiasm and commitment

    Josh Gottesman

    Flexigidity Project Manager at The Reut Institute

    Lionel has a talent for understanding people and organization's stories and helping them share their story with the world.

    Roey Tzezana

    Research fellow in Yuval Ne'eman Workshop in Tel-Aviv University

    Lionel organized the TEDx event at Seminar Hakibutzim. I was highly impressed with his abilities to look after many things at the same time, keep constant checks on everything and still strive for excellence. I would recommend working with him anytime.

    Shirly Uramovicz

    Web & Innovation Content Coordinator at Appleseeds Academy

    I had the pleasure working with Lionel. His guidance was wonderful and very helpful to our students.

    gili bar-shay

    Owner, NotFromHere

    We have worked with Lionel & Shift on our Blendwiz.me social tourism platform. The team was creative and showed deep understanding in the subject matter. They are fun people to work with, super intelligent and creative. We will definitely use their services again.

    Philippe Greier

    Co-Founder and Member of the Board at presente! NGO for social innovation and entrepeneurial education

    Lionel is a brilliant mind with a great vision for our societal challenges. His superpower is to observe and to tell stories about what he experience. His great story-telling skills and film making experience enable him to create wonderful videos and art pieces. He is on the way of becoming an outstanding educator.

    Sefi Attias

    CTO at TOM

    The Shift Team did an outstanding job with telling the uniuqe story of Tikkun Olam Make A Thon, just google it and see for your self.

    Aviv Gonen

    Co-Founder at Pinnuts

    lionel is very creative and initiative person. he is self driven and out of the box thinker.

    Gilad Gome

    Board Member and Global Ambassador at Streets Project

    Lionel is a cocktail of creativity, passion, devotion and honesty. If you need a shift.. I highly recommend Lionel.

    Shai Ozery

    Administrative Assistant at The Conservative Synagogue

    "Lionel and I trained and worked together in our military service. I admired his sharp mind and tongue, and his profound sense of morality. His work ethic was astounding, and I'm sure has only grown stronger in time.
    Though it has been years since our last encounter, I have no doubt he will continue to be a positive driving force in any community and workplace he joins, inspiring others through his infectious enthusiasm and positivity."




    Public Speaking

    community development

    campaign Strategy

    media creation

    Project Management

    Creative planning

    Tech for good

    Social innovation

    live events



    Freelance consultant | project manager

    Creativity, Community and Communications Consultant 

    I empower individuals and organizations by bringing the value of creative process to practice making people realize their passion.

    Muslim Jewish Conference - Berlin 2015

    Projects development committee co-chair

    The Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC) is a dialogue and leadership organisation for students and young professionals, bringing together important representatives and young leadership from Muslim and Jewish communities and beyond. The MJC is an innovative and progressive educational non-profit
    organisation based in Austria. It wants to deepen interest in, and evoke curiosity for, intercultural communication and interfaith issues, in particular Muslim-Jewish relations. The MJC seeks to expand its visibility and extend its vibrant network of dialogue and intercultural communication in order to move closer to its goal of becoming a global think tank for Muslim-Jewish interests.

    Ocean Relocation

    Content and Community services Feb 2015 – Present

    Elevation Academy

    Co-Lead Elevation CM Nov 2014 – Present

    Execution of Content and Experience.
    Leading the learners process and community throughout the course.

    Tel Aviv University

    Lecturer - Technology with social orientation Oct 2014 – Feb 2015

    Future Scientists and Inventors is an innovative educational program that enables the most intellectually-gifted students in Israel to fulfill their potential of becoming the next generation of leaders in R&D in universities and the knowledge-based industry.

    Inspired by the vision of Israel's President Shimon Peres, Future Scientists and Inventors creates the optimal conditions for cultivating excellence in brilliant youth through challenging academic studies combined with hands-on work in research laboratories.

    Shift ↑ שיפט

    Co Founder Jan 2014 – Jan 2015

    Shift was founded to harness the potential of technology and innovation to do good in our world.
    Our goal is to create positive impact with organisations & businesses.

    Production Artist Nov 2012 – Nov 2014

    A yearly interactive art event in memory of Dana Maor R.I.P, ran and managed by Anat and Gily Maor (Dana’s mom and sister) the event occurs every year in Dana’s birthday date and Main contributors are Dana’s friends.

    Together with other artists with a social impact focus the event brings together a community generated by the event and its inspiration.

    2012 - Connections

    2013 - Identity - creating a bridge between Israel and Angola by hosting 6 angolan artists for 10 days preparing the exhibition together.

    2014 - Crossing borders - Event held simultaneously in Tel-Aviv and Berlin. During the event social impact projects we’re given a chance to speak and preform as a popup performance pitching session was the “warm up” for the main musical performance https://www.facebook.com/become.int,



    TEDMED Live Israel

    Youth & Students Community Director Nov 2013 – Mar 2014

    Promoting ideas and conversations on the future of all things medical
    and healthcare related: From personal health to public health,
    from patients to scientists, and devices to design.


    Beta Pilot Manager Apr 2013 – Jan 2014

    Memeni is a place to spark meaningful conversations and take action. It's about bringing together individuals, companies, and non-profits and giving them the tools they need to organize around their ideas, share resources, and make change. Currently in a private beta at www.memeni.com.

    Inspiration - Arts for Humanity

    Development team - Head of new media Apr 2012 – Dec 2013

    Inspiration is an innovative socio-cultural creation based equally on the foundation principles of artistic excellence, social activism and community engagement.

    Inspiration aims to connect nations and cultures, artists and youngsters, faiths and languages, the cutting edge of the holistic artistic process, art advocates and leaders of change.

    Inspiration’s vision is deep-rooted in the universal language of art and has the ability to promote peace, camaraderie and dialogue between nations.

    Inspiration strives to develop as an all-embracing socio-cultural initiative and international social movement for individuals, groups, organizations and businesses in Israel and around the world. Inspiration will promote worldwide activity in society, culture, education and art. Traditional notions of academic elitism will be discarded in favour of cross-cultural and discipline pollination. Artistic diversity is the lifeblood and future of improved geo-political mutual understanding.

    The founders of Inspiration believe that art is a valuable and cathartic message that each artist communicates with the world, which resonates deeply when it is at its truest and most beautiful. This inspiration, when this is funneled through the prism of social change/awareness, transforms art into a very powerful tool to initiate progress around the world.

    Inspiration will use the most cutting edge technology to help facilitate and communicate its artistic and educational vision. This technology will be used in concert with the oldest and most efficient of artistic technologies – a passionate search for an aesthetic truth through space, reflection and collaboration.

    I Want YouTube

    Co-Founder Mar 2012 – Dec 2013

    Youth engagement activity focused on raising students voice and concerens about the educational system.


    Seminar Hakibutzim

    Education & Media Center Advisor Jan 2011 – Dec 2013

    TA for the students of the Film and communication school.
    Expertise: TV studio and broadcast, video editing and camera operation, Radio production.


    Media & Art Director - Co-organizer · Life. Learning. Process... Feb 2013 – Jun 2013

    Hebrew Pyschology Book Publishing

    Online Advertising Feb 2011 – Dec 2012

    Market Strategy & Creative consulting "על צפרדעים נסיכות ומטפלים" 

    ספר מאת ד"ר רוברטו מיטלפונקט


    Founder & Editor in chief Aug 2011 – Dec 2011

    A student youtube news magazine about current events founded after Israel's social protest in 2011.

    The Jewish Agency for Israel

    Shaliach 2009 – 2011

    USA - Summer Camps - Young Judea - Sprout Lake 2009
    Australia - Zionist Seminars - Gvanim 2010
    USA - Zionist Seminars - AJL Pittsburgh 2011

    Israel Defense Forces

    IDF Liaison NCO Aug 2006 – Aug 2009

    Working with Egyptian Army Liaison and the Multinational Force & Observers.
    Operational work including working in an OPS room while showing high working ethics and skills under pressure and providing answer and fast response in the Israeli-Egyptian and Gaza strip border, Military PR, Escorting MFO Verification Mission along the Border, social activities (Jewish Holidays, Memorial days, cultural activities etc…)
    OJT of new NCO’s.
    2008 – Honored Soldier IDF southern Division.

    Herzliya youth council

    Junior Secretary Sep 2002 – Aug 2003



  • Prosumer age

    Media production used to be very expensive and that is why we needed massive scale operations to publish a newspaper, magazine, movie, tv show -> channel or any other type of art/media. Nowadays we’re all producing and consuming User Generated Content (YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook and many many others…)
    Hey even this website is part of that process.


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